Can Wiping Too Hard Cause Hemroids?


Although wiping the anal or rectal area does not cause hemorrhoids, it can aggravate an already existing hemroid. Here, to prevent this, each bowel movement must be able to evacuate contents well.

In case of internal hemorrhoids, too much wiping can lead to bleeding. The bleeding may also be caused by scratches made by hard stool. In external hemorrhoids, bleeding may be caused by wiping too hard for a long time or by using a hard toilet paper. Scratches caused by hard stools are also accompanied with a lot of pain. In external hemorrhoids, wiping too hard or scratches by any other means may also result in bleeding.

Hemroids may also get aggravated due to diarrhea. The frequent bowel movements accompanied by the frequent wiping of the anal area, results in vein damage and worsened hemroids. Here, cure for diarrhea is a must to stop the worsening of hemroids. Also, ensure good hygiene during the time you are diarrheic, by washing your hands thoroughly, to prevent the disease transmission to others.

Wiping as a Cause of Hemorrhoids: Alternatives

Since wiping aggravates hemorrhoids, you must avoid doing it. Instead, you can use a jet or shower to clean the area. Using soap is not recommended, since that would further irritate the hemorrhoids. Using cool water for washing can get some relief. However, if you can not resist wiping, you must wet the tissue paper with cold water before using them on hemorrhoids.

Here are some natural remedial measures for relief from hemorrhoids:

You can use an ice pack and keep it on the affected area for about 15 minutes. You can make your own ice pack by mixing 30 percent smooching alcohol with 70 percent water in a lockable bag.

Another method of natural treatment is to use warm water tub for providing relief from hemorrhoids.

You should avoid eating fast foods, fatty or fried foods, or too much of dairy products.

Consume lots of vegetables and fruits and keep yourself hydrated by drinking water repeatedly. Fiber-rich diets help create softer stool which can pass easily without irritating the existing hemorrhoids.

Information about hemroids is your key to preventing the development or aggravation of this condition. Hemroids Info endeavors to give you a detailed knowledge about all aspects of hemroids.

Source by Kathleen Chester