How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger In A Picture Without Using Photoshop


A software application program, like Photoshop, for instance, becomes a wise investment when you want to know how to make your breasts look bigger in a picture. This program comes with many editing tools to allow you to change your look any way you want. Even without makeup and a few flaws, Photoshop can make you look beautiful nonetheless. Photoshop editing is a service now provided by almost all photography studios, but even you yourself can edit your photos so that you will look like you have bigger breasts in your pictures. All you have to do is make a one-time investment to purchase the software program and you’re all set to have bigger breasts in your pictures.

Yet even without the aid of this revolutionary software, you can do so much to have bigger breasts in photos. Here are some of the ways how to make your breasts look bigger in a picture:

1. Straighten up. Simply assuming the correct posture when you sit or stand can significantly improve how your boobs will look like in the pictures. Straighten up your back and bring your chest a little forward, then make sure to tuck your tummy in as you would not want to make it look like your tummy is bigger than your breasts!

2. Wear clothes that are flattering for small breasts. Halter tops push your breasts up and they make your breasts look bigger than usual. Other options include:

* Tops in bold and bright colors (yellow would look especially nice, more so if you fair-skinned)

* Tops with thin horizontal lines across the breasts

* Tops with a single thin line under the bustline

* Dresses with ruffles

* Blouses with small embellishments right at the center between the breasts

3. Don’t forget to wear a push up bra underneath your clothing. An alternative to push-up bras are gel bras or water bras. Just a friendly advice: many find water bras to be more comfortable.

4. If you want to wear something that’s cut very low, appear to have more cleavage using basic makeup tricks. Simply dab on some highlighter (gold eyes shadow in matte will look great) on the upper portion of the breasts to bring them out forward and apply some brown eye shadow powder along the line between the breasts for more cleavage.

All these tricks will make your breasts look bigger in picture, but don’t stop aiming for long term goals. Dream of permanently bigger breasts and work your way towards that dream. You can do this even without surgical intervention. Indeed, surgical breast augmentation is not the only way to bigger breasts. There are a number of breast exercises that you can engage in which help to increase your breast size while at the same time improve the shape of your breasts. Doing breast enhancing massages regularly also helps greatly.

Studies reveal consuming herbs like fenugreek and fennel can increase bust size, too. This is due to the fact that these have estrogenic properties. In most cases, women with small breasts have apparently insufficient amounts of estrogen in their body.

Consider investing on high quality organic breast enhancing creams and breast supplements, as well. There are many of these that women swear by their effectiveness. All these can be done even if you already know how to make your breasts look bigger in a picture.

Source by Xiella Andrews